Scientists are working on technology to detect coronavirus by ear

Scientists are working on technology to detect coronavirus by ear

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way to determine if a person has the COVID-19 coronavirus just by the sound of their coughing. Soon everyone will be able to calm themselves down simply by coughing into a smartphone.

For this, the tool uses neural networks. They help detect subtle changes in a person’s cough. Little things like that determine the infection, even if the person has no other symptoms. They can even find the virus in asymptomatic carriers.

The fact is that the difference between the cough of a healthy person and the cough of a person infected with the virus is so small that it is invisible to the human ear. The team used tens of thousands of cough and conversation samples from infected people to find the differences.

In early tests, the technology recognized 98.5% of coughs in people with confirmed cases of coronavirus and 100% of coughs in asymptomatic people.

The team is reportedly developing a free app that can be used as a handy pre-screening tool for people who suspect they might be infected.

Scientists insist that the technology cannot be used as a 100% test. This is nothing more than additional help in determining the coronavirus.

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