Prior to Mahershala Ali’s approval, Blade was planned as a TV series

Prior to Mahershala Ali's approval, Blade was planned as a TV series

Mahershala Ali, who will play Blade in the upcoming Marvel relaunch, revealed in The Tight Rope podcast that Blade was serialized prior to his starring role.

At that time, Ali starred in the TV series “Luke Cage”, but dreamed of playing the main role in the full-length Marvel film.

“On the day Luke Cage premiered, I turned to my agent and asked what was going on with Blade. I constantly heard that Marvel was looking for a way to film a remake and bring the hero back to the screens. I loved doing Marvel for TV, but the goal was always a feature film”.

Meanwhile, practically nothing is known about the painting itself. The producers are looking for a director and screenwriter. The premiere is planned for the period after 2022 as part of the fifth phase of the MCU.

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