How does loose snow work in Minecraft? What do you need to know about the new goats and their horns?

How does loose snow work in Minecraft What do you need to know about the new goats and their horns

The beta version of the upcoming update 1.17 is now available. What is known from this?

Now anyone can download beta 1.17 and test everything on their computer. How to do it, the developers described on the official website. Is it worth it? If you want to check out new goat mobs and a new kind of snow, then definitely.

Beta is a bit bugged, with even smaller or bigger problems. Keep this in mind if you decide to use the new version of Bedrock.

Minecraft 1.17

What’s new in the Minecraft 1.17 update?

Developers decided to introduce the first new mob, i.e. goats that have been announced for some time. They are very interesting creatures that are able to climb high mountains. How? Just by jumping on them.

Goats can be milked, we get milk from them as standard. They can also be bred, and interestingly, they breed several smaller goats. At the same time, it is the first mob that can “sire” several children at once.

Minecraft 1.17

Goats also have a special horn that can be blown. These animals can also carry out a small charge, pushing the player or other mobs.

Minecraft 1.17

The second novelty is loose snow with special properties. You can fall into it. It will definitely be an interesting addition to all parkour maps. All because in order to stay afloat a new block you have to keep jumping up and down. Only leather shoes are able to remove the collapse effect.

minecraft news

After falling into snow, the character has a slightly changed screen to one that simulates a frost effect. Health is not lost, at least in beta. All items, mobs and players fly through this snow.

How do these two novelties connect with each other? Goats will avoid powdery snow by simply jumping over it. So far, no other, more interesting connections have been found.

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