How and when will it be possible to unlock a special Lachlan skin in Fortnite for free?

How and when will it be possible to unlock a special Lachlan skin in Fortnite for free

Epic has officially confirmed that the Lachlan skin will be available for free. What do you have to do?

Lachlan is the next YouTuber to get his own Fortnite item set. As we read in the official announcement, the following will be added to the game:

  • Peel
  • Backpack
  • Pick
  • Emote

Recently, in many cases, you can get skins for free before their official premiere in the store. This is exactly what will be the case with Lachlan.

When and how will it be possible to get the set?

On November 8, a new tournament in the form of “Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy” will appear in the Competitive Tab. The mode will be different from the normal Battle Royale, which is confirmed by the official description:

“To win a Victory Royale in this tournament, you and two of your friends will need to be creative with your resources. Equipped only with pickaxes as primary weapons, look for rusty cans, impulse grenades, decoy grenades, and supply drops to protect your team and take out enemies.

Not having shields or healing means the only way to restore health is by eliminating enemies or using emotes. One more thing: There is a limit of 10 for each building material, so make good use of each building”!

The skin will be unveiled on November 7 at 7 p.m. This is when a special mode will also appear. Everyone will have a total of two hours to play 10 matches. The best people will receive the skin along with all the items in the bundle.

Lachlan skin in Fortnite for free

“Places 1-1100 – Cosmetics: Outfit, Backpack, Pickaxe, and Fortnite Icon Lachlan Emote for use in the game”

You must be at least 1100th to be eligible for your award. Scoring is fairly standard, the higher the place at the end of the match, the more points.

  • Victory Royal: 70 points
  • 2nd Place: 56 points
  • 3rd Place: 48 points
  • 4th Place: 42 points
  • 5th Place: 39 points
  • 6th Place: 36 points
  • 7th Place: 33 points
  • 8th Place: 30 points
  • 9th Place: 27 points
  • 10th Place: 24 points
  • 11th Place: 21 points
  • Place 12: 18 points
  • Place 13: 15 points
  • Place 14: 12 points
  • Place 15: 9 points
  • Rank 16: 6 points
  • Place 17th: 3 points

All this will start in just over a week. Of course, the entire kit will be brought to the store later.

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