Dirt scores 5 is a good racing game

Dirt scores 5 is a good racing game

The estimates of the racing simulator Dirt 5 have been published . The average score on Metacritic is 83 out of 100, although there are not many yet. Changes are possible in the coming days.

  • Attack of the Fanboy – 90/100
  • God is a Geek – 90/100
  • Critical Hit – 85/100
  • Push Square – 80/100
  • IGN Italia – 80/100
  • Stevivor – 80/100
  • Screen Rant – 80/100
  • Eurogamer Italy – 80/100
  • PC Gamer – 60/100

See how different the opinions of the two editions are:

Attack of the Fanboy:

“With Dirt 5, the franchise returns in triumph to a more arcade experience. Despite some technical problems, this is a cool off-road racing game. Great controls, festival style and a wide variety of modes make this game one of the standout competitors this year”.

PC Gamer:

“Dirt 5 is not a bad game. And this is not Project CARS 3. However, the two games make for an interesting comparison. Both make the bizarre decision to step away from the franchise’s canon – simulating – at a time when they can’t get quite as popular.

But the game Slightly Mad proudly juts out its chin and actively encourages you to find something that you once liked, and in Dirt 5 it is the opposite. Instead of abandoning their identity, the developers were cautious, clinging to it too much, but at the same time luring casual racers who are afraid of pedals”.

Release  Dirt 5 will be held on November 6 at the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Racing will also be available on the new generation.

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