Astro’s Playroom Developers Accelerate Downloads With Fresh Patch

Astro's Playroom Developers Accelerate Downloads With Fresh Patch

SIE Japan Studio and Team ASOBI! has released a patch for Astro’s Playroom , which comes preinstalled on PS5. Technically, the game has not yet been released, but has already fallen into the hands of some bloggers and journalists, who noted that with the latest update, the downloads became many times faster.

For example, the process of moving between locations by opening a door now takes 0.11 seconds instead of 1.71 seconds. In terms of transitions through portals, loading accelerated from 7.85 seconds to 2.85 seconds.

Astro’s Playroom  will be available on November 12 along with the release of the PS5. The game should familiarize the owners of new consoles with the main features of the DualSense gamepad.

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