Apex Legends’ Olympus map was a concept for Titanfall 3

Apex Legends' Olympus map was a concept for Titanfall 3

In two days,  Apex Legends will begin the seventh season, with which a new map will be added – Olympus. It turned out that initially the location was created for Titanfall 3, but later they decided to make it part of the battle royale, keeping some elements.

Apex Legends Game Director Ched Grenier spoke about this .

Development of Olympus for a multiplayer shooter began in the spring of 2019. Prior to that, Respawn had been sketching ideas for Titanfall 3. In the process, a concept for the Olympus location was created, although the map did not yet bear that name.

Grenier explained that  Apex Legends got exactly the architectural design, colors and overall visual appearance of the futuristic city. Also, the developer noted that Titanfall 3 is not in development.

Grenier hinted that in the future, a project with different gameplay may come out with the characters of Apex Legends . Respawn is currently working on the content of the battle royale until Season 12.

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