Ellen Page to star in a comedy about the women’s esports team

Ellen Page to star in a comedy about the women's esports team

BuzzFeed, which has made a name for itself on clickbaits on the web, has decided to go into cinema and its debut film will be a picture about a video game. The comedy will be called 1UP and the story will be about eSports and GamerGate. Ellen Page will play one of the main roles.

This information was reported by  The Hollywood Reporter . According to the publication, the director will be Kyle Newman, the script is written by Julia York, known on the television show. The plot of the comedy is dedicated to college student Vivian Leigh (Paris Berelk), who left the esports team due to sexism. Due to the threat of losing the scholarship, the girl is forced to form her own team. The character Ellen Page comes to the rescue, who in the past was a professional gamer and a victim of GamerGate. Together, they assemble the women’s esports team to defeat the men’s team.

While the comedy may not turn out as bad as the storytelling might suggest (GamerGate and Women’s Teams versus Men’s Teams – come on!), More often than not, gaming films and games fail. And if you also start fiddling with past scandals, then it could bury BuzzFeed’s cinematic plans after the first release, even with Ellen’s presence.

Filming will start in November, the date of the premiere has not yet been announced.

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