CS GO players laugh that anti-terrorists have “poor masks”. What is going on?

CS GO players laugh that anti-terrorists have poor masks. What is going on

The CS GO community laughs at the balaclavas that anti-terrorists have.

The Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive likes to create all sorts of memes from their own game. We could see lots of them. Players laugh at developers who very often neglect their flagship FPS, and come up with banal reasons why CS is unplayable. This time, however, it fell on something completely different, namely balaclavas, which due to the current situation in the world were called “masks”.

Why do CSGO players laugh at balaclavas?

As we can see in the picture below – the anti-terrorist character in the game has a balaclava that does not cover his nose. The community laughs that these are just poor masks, and Valve ran out of material to cover most of the face.


According to the players, in the time of the epidemiological crisis, developers should also cover the noses of anti-terrorists, because at present their “masks” are completely ineffective.

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