Why is COD Warzone considered the biggest failure in Battle Royale gaming history?

Why is COD Warzone considered the biggest failure in Battle Royale gaming history

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best games on the market, and yet many people think it’s the biggest ‘fail’ ever.

The Call of Duty series has undergone a major transformation some time ago. From a very fast shooter it has turned into something more strategic that requires more planning of your moves. Some players didn’t like it very much, others were delighted.

Warzone has shown that this new approach can be something really interesting. Battle Royale took advantage of everything that was developing the “basic” Call of Duty, quickly achieving success thanks to it.

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The biggest failure in the history of BR?

The Warzone community has been boiling for a few days now, mainly due to “CouRage”, who believes that Warzone is also a huge failure. Why? All because of the lack of a decent anti-cheat that could stop cheaters.

Infinity Ward is trying to do what it can, at least that’s what official Twitter entries show. As we read, over 200,000 accounts have been banned since the premiere. This information, instead of reassuring the community, only made it angry.

Mainly because 200k seems to be quite a small number when we consider the number of people who have played Warzone overall. On August 4, developers mentioned that BR already has over 75 million registered accounts.

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