Ubisoft says Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going well

Ubisoft says Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going well

Development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is progressing at a good pace, according to a new statement from the Ubisoft executive. Yves Guillemot spoke about this during the quarterly financial report .

“The game is developing well. Her world is amazing, and you could see that Netflix decided to take this universe as a basis and make a film based on it. So the progress is going on, the game is going very well”.

The film, mentioned by Guillemot, was announced by Netflix in July. It will be handled by Rob Letterman, known for “Detective Pikachu”. The picture is still in its early stages, when the shooting starts, they do not speak yet. 

While the news of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is good to see, Guillemot’s words carry little weight without demonstration. Especially against the backdrop of the shocking announcement that game director Michel Ansel has left Ubisoft. Moreover, the industry veteran ended up not only with Ubisoft, but with the gaming industry as a whole .

For the first time, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced back at E3 2017, but since then we have not seen a complete gameplay, although the developers showed individual features. 

In addition to information about the long-term construction, it also became known about the delay of Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six: Quarantine.

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