India has banned PUBG Mobile

India has banned PUBG Mobile

India parted ways with PUBG Mobile this week as the game ban takes effect. The game was one of 118 apps banned by the Ministry of Information and Technology in the country back in September, but players could still enter it.

The ban on PUBG Mobile and other apps stems from tensions between China and India. A border clash in early June led to a boycott of many Chinese products in India, and at the same time the authorities began to impose a ban on services and mobile applications, one way or another associated with Chinese companies. Concerns about safety were cited as reasons.

PUBG Mobile became one of the most popular mobile games in the world and a massive hit in India, but since it was published by the Chinese corporation Tencent, it was enough to impose a ban. Given that Tencent owns Riot Games and a large chunk of Epic Games, there are concerns that League of Legends and Fortnite could also be on the junk list.

Meanwhile, South Korean PUBG Corp. took the publishing rights of PUBG Mobile in India from Tencent, but that was not enough to avoid a ban. It is not clear yet whether the company will be able to bring the game back to the market.

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