How much has Supercell nerfed Amber? Rosy free skin challenge, new update

How much has Supercell nerfed Amber Rosy free skin challenge, new update

Amber got her first, very big nerfs very quickly.

Today, Brawl Stars has launched a challenge where anyone can get a Rosa skin. Meanwhile, the game has also received an update, which in addition to repairing nerf errors also Amber – a new character in BS.

Brawl Stars Rosa skin

What has the last update changed?

By default, there is no description in Polish, and the patch is only described on Reddit. From here it is known that the challenge system has been changed and a lot of bug fixes have been introduced.

Brawl Stars

Of course, the most interesting part of the update is the Amber issue. Supercell made her balance changes very quickly, weakening the health reduction, reducing the damage dealt, and changing the ratios of the basic and super attack.

It is possible that Amber will receive some more changes in the coming days. However, it is difficult to say what the developers could focus on. For now, they confirm that they will be looking at the statistics and reacting if necessary.

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