Horror advertisement for Among Us: Fan shows why you are very lucky

Horror advertisement for Among Us Fan shows why you are very lucky

A special feature of Among Us is that it can be played on both Steam and mobile devices. A fan on Reddit is now showing what the surprise hit would look like as a cruel mobile game.

Fan turns Among Us into a terrible mobile game

Anyone who spends long periods of time on the Internet will inevitably come across advertisements for a mobile game . A video on Reddit now shows why Among Us fans should be happy they escaped that fate.

The user “MikaKaoru” recreates the mini-games in the detective game as cruel horror advertising . Blow leaves out of a ventilation? For that you need an IQ of 2000! Enter a five-digit code? Only the best can do that! The emojis and penetrating music make the experience even more authentic.

As in many promotional videos, “MikaKaoru” does not manage to complete the very easy tasks . Undoubtedly, it is intended to trick the viewer into downloading the game in order to do better.

Fans fear nightmare version

The Reddit post has now received more than 60,000 upvotes . In the comments, too, the users are relieved that Among Us has escaped this fate. Since the developers did not have to resort to these funds in the past two years, fans can sit back and relax.

In the “Among Us” subreddit there are not only horror performances but also lots of good ideas on how to improve the game. A new role could bring a breath of fresh air to the hunt for imposters .

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