Genshin Impact will take several years to complete

Genshin Impact will take several years to complete

Studio MiHoYo, which developed this fall’s hit Genshin Impact, intends to continue developing the game’s storyline with new content for several years. The studio spoke about this in an interview with GamesRadar, answering questions about the long-term plans of the team at Genshin Impact.

“Genshin Impact was conceived from the beginning as a continuous project. Of the seven main cities in the world of Teivat, only the first two are available for exploration – Mondstadt and Li Yue. The rest will be added as updates are released, while each city will include its own main quests as well as third-party ones. This development will most likely take several years to complete the Genshin Impact story. At the same time, more and more playable characters will open up to players as the story unfolds.

In addition, we continue to work on improving the core of the game, taking into account player feedback and suggestions, such as customizing controls”.

When asked about the release of the third city, the developers did not name a specific period. Information about large-scale updates will be published as soon as they become available. Apparently, such large updates will be released no more often than once every 6-12 months. Read the details of patch 1.1 here .

Genshin Impact is available for free on PC, PS4 and mobile devices.

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