What will the future of Among Us be like? What the creators are currently working on?

What will the future of Among Us be like What the creators are currently working on

Among Us is only now gaining momentum. The game achieved success a few months after its release, which heavily influenced the release plans. What are the developers now focusing on?

The production of InnerSloth has recently become incredibly popular, which put the studio in front of a really difficult task. The team was not prepared to release more updates for the first game and everyone was focused mainly on developing Among Us 2.

The plans have obviously changed and now we know that “one” will be the main production to receive continued support. What does it mean?

What’s new in Among Us?

You can definitely expect a new map. This is one of the main things developers do. At this point, the layout and tasks are developed. The creators show what the process of creating this type of thing looks like.

New among us 2

This is the first version of the quests that have already appeared in the game. This is the outline of the Polus map:

New info Among Us

The process of bringing ideas into the game is streamlining, which is one of the priorities at present. It is known that in Amongu every little thing must be drawn first.

What else is arising?

  • New cosmetic items
  • Possible weekly challenges
  • Improving optimization
  • Introduction of the anti-cheat system
  • Adding new tasks
  • Introducing more options as requested by the community

In what order will it happen? Unfortunately, it is not known. However, you can guess that at this point InnerSloth is hiring new people to deal with what the original studio team had problems with.

We officially know that the anti-cheat system works and gets new updates on a regular basis. He has been busy with developers in recent days.

Next, players will face optimization, maybe challenges and, of course, many more options, allowing them to create their own game modes, more customize maps etc.

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