The gamer compared the gameplay of the remake of Demon’s Souls with the original

The gamer compared the gameplay of the remake of Demon's Souls with the original

Sony yesterday revealed the second gameplay of the Bluepoint Games remake of Demon’s Souls . Following the release of the video, youtubers immediately began comparing the updated version with the original.

The developers tried to preserve the architecture and structure of the levels, while increasing the detail of the environment. Lighting and effects also play a big role. Changed the appearance of monsters and the behavior of bosses.

Other remake details:

  • FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki gave their blessing to Bluepoint, but were not directly involved
  • There will be a photo mode and the ability to activate the original filter, similar to the “Kurosawa mode”
  • Rolls are now omnidirectional
  • There will be no sixth world
  • Mysterious Fractured Mode turned out to be “mirror mode”, which changes the map
  • New build storage function in the Nexus for souls, which will allow you to create new characters without deleting old ones

Demon’s Souls will be released on November 12 on PS5. The game will run in two modes: 4K resolution with 30 frames per second and various graphics enhancements, and a mode with 1440p at 60 frames. The price of the game is 70 dollars.

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