Microsoft is not going to raise the price of Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is not going to raise the price of Xbox Game Pass

On the Dropped Frames podcast, Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phil Spencer, touched on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, its current price and sustainability as a business model.

Spencer said that the cost of the subscription will not be raised, since it is quite stable and profitable in its current form, although some developers do not fully understand Microsoft’s long-term goal.

“To be honest, some developers have concerns about Game Pass. They constantly ask me – what is our ultimate goal? Will we raise the price after we reach the required number of users?

We have no plans to increase the subscription price. We love the Game Pass’s current value and its sustainability in terms of price / supply”.

Spencer also noted that the purchase of new studios does not mean that the price of subscriptions must necessarily rise.

“The advantage of Xbox Game Pass is that the subscription allows us to take more risks than we would under a standard business model. We’ll endorse a ton of games and know that millions of Game Pass users will play them”.

Recently, the price of Xbox Game Pass was raised, but only in PC format – the price was adjusted to match the console one. Subscription is available on PC and Xbox.

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