Media: Everwild from Rare has lost its creative director

Media Everwild from Rare has lost its creative director

Rare has confirmed to VGC that Simon Woodroffe , Lead Developer and Creative Director of Adventure Adventure Everwild, has left the studio this month. The company did not give specific reasons, but VGC sources said that Woodroffe had not been playing the game for some time.

He has worked at Rare since 2012.

“We thank Simon for his hard work on Everwild and wish him the best in his future endeavors. 

The Everwild team is in good hands and is passionate about creating a game that will give players an unforgettable experience in a real and magical world”.

Head of Rare Craig Duncan

This is the second consecutive case of a key employee leaving Microsoft. Previously, director of the shooter Halo Infinite Chris Lee retired from development , but still remained on the staff of 343 Industries.

Release Everwild take place on the PC and Xbox Series. The game does not even have an approximate release date yet.

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