For the first time in seven years, Dota 2 will host a Diretide event

For the first time in seven years, Dota 2 will host a Diretide event

Valve announced that the Halloween event “Rise of the Dark” (Diretide) is back in Dota 2 – it hasn’t been held since 2013. It will run until December 22 – there are many rewards and a unique mode waiting for players.

Two teams of five must compete to see who will collect the most sweets. They need to be put into a pumpkin that enemies can attack. Also during the match, both teams face Roshan. He begins to hunt one of the heroes until he gives him sweets.

In case of refusal, the monster kills the hero.

During the Diretide period, players will earn Dota 2 Event Points in both Seasonal Mode and regular matches. For every 100 points a Roshan reward will be issued. More than 75 different awards in total, including emojis, graffiti and treasures.

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In addition to this, players can obtain special Hallowed chest of the Diretide. Each of them contains one of 60 items, divided into five categories. You can only open them with a Hallowed Key for $ 2.5.

Ten items of the same tier can be combined to create a random artifact of the next tier. You can read more about all the awards  on the Valve website.

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