DIRT 5 Racing Release Trailer

DIRT 5 Racing Release Trailer

Codemasters has unveiled a new trailer for DIRT 5 racing , timed to coincide with the upcoming game release The title will be released on November 6 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, on November 10 it will reach the Xbox Series, and on the 12th on the PS5. The next generation upgrade will be free.

Those who pre-order the Amplified Edition will have access to the game three days early.

Game features:

  • The stars were voiced by Nolan North and Troy Baker.
  • 70 tracks in 10 locations, including the USA, Brazil and Norway
  • Split screen up to four players
  • 12 different classes of cars, from luxury cars and light buggies to heavy trucks with massive wheels
  • At least three unique multiplayer modes – Vampire, King and Transporter
  • Natural landscapes and weather system that make it difficult to check in

DIRT 5 has been ported twice already. First, the game was supposed to be released on October 9, after which the release was postponed for a week. After a while, Codemasters announced that the team needed a little more time to polish, and pushed the release until November 6.

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