Blood & Glory is out for Total War Saga: Troy

Blood & Glory is out for Total War Saga Troy

Studio Creative Assembly has released a new expansion for the strategy Total War Saga: Troy called Blood & Glory. This is a classic DLC for the series that adds gory effects, making the battle more violent.

As part of the DLC:

  • videos and pictures of events drenched in blood
  • the rivers are filled with the blood of warriors who died in any massive battles
  • bloody monuments appear after major battles
  • bloody effects and decapitation in battle animations
  • splashes of blood upon impacts of weapons stain armor, chariots and horses
  • Moved chariot soldiers leave traces of blood
  • decapitation and dismemberment on death animation
  • battles in rivers turn the water blood red.

In the graphics settings menu, you can increase or decrease the level of violence as desired.

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