Blizzard reveals how many people play Overwatch per month. You can be quite surprised

Blizzard reveals how many people play Overwatch per month. You can be quite surprised

Blizzard in its summary announced how many people play Overwatch per month.

Everything that could be said about the current state of Overwatch has been said. Everyone is aware that Blizzard is just waiting for Overwatch 2. In the Blizzard quarterly summary, the studio gave a specific number that is to be played regularly in the first part.

How many people play Overwatch?

Quarterly summaries usually do not contain any interesting information. Blizzard rarely shares its data unless it’s really good. In the case of Overwatch, the usual only mention is that it is doing well and the number of players is still coming.

people play Overwatch

This time, in addition to boasting about the results of the Overwatch League, there was also a message about the number of active people. It turns out that on average it is supposed to be 10 million players month-to-month. Is it a lot or a little? As for Overwatch, it is definitely a lot.

Compared to other popular games, this is a rather average result. In League of Legends, it’s roughly the average number of daily players. In Fortnite, so many people come to events.


However, there is nothing to compare Overwatch to other productions. OW was somewhat suspended in a vacuum. The events are repeated with slight changes, the number of added skins is constantly decreasing, but the queues on the servers are only longer.

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