5 common types of impostors in Among Us each encountered in their own game

5 common types of impostors in Among Us each encountered in their own game

Impostors can adapt to the situation. It is worth knowing all the possibilities.

The goal of the crew members in Among Us is to survive the game and complete their quests, while the goal of the impostors is to kill them. Cheaters can adapt very quickly to the crew members to ensure their safety and make sure that no one recognizes them, which makes them completely able to change their playing styles.

In this case, it is worth getting to know most of them, so that it would be easier for us to recognize the opponent and perhaps win games more often thanks to this.

5 Types of Cheaters in Among Us


The pacifist is the type of impostor who refuses to meet. It just follows and blends into the crowd. The main goal of the Pacifist is to turn everyone against himself. At meetings, they will arouse suspicion while everyone will be frustrated that no one is dying. You might think the crew members would be happy that no one is killed, but it’s the opposite because then they will slowly turn against each other.

Among us cheaters


Ventilation is an essential part of the impostor’s gameplay in Among Us. Cheaters can move around the map faster than crew members by using vents. In such a case, however, there is a high probability that someone will catch them. They are fascinated by the use of sewers, and this is usually the cause of their failure.

Terrible liar

This is the funniest type of cheat in Among Us. They can sneak well, take out crew members, and pretend to get the job done. Unfortunately, once the meetings are called, they are finished and easy to identify. Often, when asked for an alibi, they reply for a long time or say something that doesn’t make sense at all.


The stalker follows the player until he decides it’s time to kill him. This type of scammer is usually called in an emergency meeting. They track a crew member and raise suspicions. Often this type of impostor is only involved in the game for a short time. The player he is stalking may be considered insane at first, and even other teammates may want to kick him out.


Newb is perhaps the most dangerous player in the Among Us lobby. They are new to the game and have no idea what they are doing. They can easily get used to and become one of the types above, or demonstrate a whole new style of play that has never been heard of before.

They may not know how to chill out, which prevents them from being caught that way. They can also kill occasionally, which will surprise the player. Overall, Newb is a “wild card” that is unpredictable.

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