The next Fortnite event “Will be the biggest ever and will change the future of the game”

The next Fortnite event Will be the biggest ever and will change the future of the game

One of the biggest leakers from the Fortnite world reports that he received important and reliable information from a “source”. According to them, the biggest event in history is heading to the game.

Needless to say, if this is true, then this year everyone will experience a great deal of excitement and perhaps a breath of fresh air when it comes to Fortnite.

The biggest event in the history of the game?

“FireMonkey” reports a source he initially refused to believe. But then he found out that the leak about the Zoom conferences was confirmed, so other things may be true.

Fortnite The biggest event in the history of the game

According to leaks:

  • Something will be announced at the Game Awards. The gala takes place on December 10, so you will probably have to wait over a month for something to change in the game. There is a chance that it has to do with the next season, not just the event.
  • Troy Baker lent his voice again, having previously recorded lines for “John Jones” in the device event.
  • The Seasonal Event is set to be “the greatest event Epic has ever done and will change the future of Fortnite.”

In addition, information about the possible cooperation of Fortnite with Smash Bros. has appeared. Here, however, nothing has been confirmed or denied.

On the one hand, it all sounds great. On the other hand, it means over a month of the old season in which relatively little is happening. Certainly, a big obstacle for Epic, but also for other developers, was the current world situation, but there is no indication that the end of the year will be any better in this respect.

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