GameInformer 71.4% of gamers prefer PS5

GameInformer 71.4% of gamers prefer PS5

A new stage of console wars will begin in two weeks. GameInformer conducted a large survey of player-readers, in which there were several important questions regarding user preferences. 8627 people participated in it.

Main conclusions:

  • 71.4% More Encouraged By PS5 Than Xbox Series X
  • 56% of gamers will buy only PS5, 15% will buy only Xbox Series X, 23.5% will buy both consoles, and 5.5% will buy neither
  • 69.2% prefer PS5 design, others prefer Xbox Series X
  • Feedback is very important only 41.9% of players
GameInformer 71.4% of gamers prefer PS5
  • The most important technical feature is faster loading. She was preferred by 41.4% of the respondents. 30.9% consider improving the graphics more important, FPS was considered the most in demand by only 27.7% of players
  • 57.6% of gamers see console exclusives as an important next-gen acquisition driver
GameInformer 71.4% of gamers prefer PS5
  • 58.9% are willing to pay $ 70 for video games
  • Most consider $ 500 to be the best price for new consoles. 21.4% were willing to pay and $ 600
  • 44.98% believe that the past generation will be relevant for about two more years

Xbox Series X / S comes out on November 10, and PS5

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