Days Gone received a 25 GB patch

Days Gone received a 25 GB patch

PlayStation 4 games included in the PS Plus Collection will feature PlayStation 5 Game Boost with improved frame rates and load times. On this occasion, they will all receive patches. For example, in The Last of Us, downloads were significantly accelerated.

Days Gone also received an update . A giant 25 GB patch has been released for the game.

The game got:

  • Operational stability improvements
  • Fixed issues with crashes
  • Fixed issues with frame drops and lags
  • Overall performance and stability improvements

The update improves the game version to 1.70. There is no exact information that it is associated with the imminent release of the PS5, but the patch for The Last of Us, the presence of the game in the collection and the imminent release of the console suggests such thoughts.

Days Gone was released on April 26, 2019 on PS4.

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