Anthem developers talk about javelin leveling

Anthem developers talk about javelin leveling

After three months of silence, Anthem developers unexpectedly published a new blog. In it, Bioware talked about how the work on the bugs is going, what progress the studio has made and what to expect for players who still expect to fly in action.

Anthem developers talk about javelin leveling

The blog is dedicated to javelins, their classes, branches of development and possible improvements. The developers emphasized that all these are developments and tests that may not be included in the final build of the game, but this is already some kind of progress.

Below is the main point of the text:

  • Added 11 slots for equipment. Added slots for artifact and modifications
  • Players will have more flexibility in customizing their Javelin builds that they’ve been asking for
  • The new skill tree looks like this. There is a separate advanced skill tree
Anthem developers talk about javelin leveling
  • Artifacts are another way to level up. They enhance the components and give the javelin a unique character.

There is still no release date for Anthem NEXT. What stage of development is and what will happen to the game this year is not very clear.

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