Analytics: Mobile Genshin Impact Earned $ 245 Million In Month

Analytics Mobile Genshin Impact Earned $ 245 Million In Month

Analyst firm Sensor Tower reported that  Genshin Impact was able to earn $ 245 million in its first month on mobile alone. However, it was not possible to reach the results of Pokemon GO.

IOS audience spent $ 144 million, while Android users spent $ 101 million.

Genshin Impact  ranks as one of the best mobile platform releases in terms of revenue. The debut month of the game became more successful than Lineage 2: Revolution and Lineage M, as well as Fire Emblem Heroes and Fortnite. The aforementioned Pokemon GO earned 283 million in the first 30 days.

Analytics Mobile Genshin Impact

For the current period from September 28 to October 27, the situation is as follows –  Genshin Impact is in first place, followed by Honor of Kings with $ 216 million, and third place behind PUBG Mobile with $ 195 million. Pokemon GO earned $ 122 million.

Genshin Impact  earned the most  in China – $ 83 million. In second place among the regions is Japan with $ 59 million, and the USA closes the top three with $ 45 million.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android. It will later be released on Switch.

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