Analysts PS5 could claim 84% of the global market

Analysts PS5 could claim 84% of the global market

Analytical agency Rise at Seven conducted a study of the demand for pre-orders and the general interest of users in the new generation of consoles. It received data from online stores and user searches from each country.

The most popular new console in the world is the PS5. In almost all countries of the world, it is she who leads in the number of pre-orders and the level of interest. Even in the US, which is the main market for Xbox. Microsoft’s new console leads only in China, Mexico, New Zealand and several other countries.


Analysts have calculated that Sony can claim 84% of the video game market worldwide.

In Russia, according to the research, 76.7% of the market belongs to PS5, the rest belongs to Xbox Series X. In the USA, most of Europe, Japan and South America, the new console from Sony is also in the lead.

A complete list of countries by market share can be found here.

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