Action RPG The Ascent postponed to 2021

Action RPG The Ascent postponed to 2021

The developers of the role-playing action The Ascent announced the postponement of the release to 2021. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, but will be part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. A new co-op gameplay trailer has also been published.

The Ascent is a cyberpunk action RPG set in a world where a powerful corporation has fallen and ruin ruled the world. 

Welcome to Velez, the world of cyberpunk. You are a bonded corporation that owns everything and everyone here.

Completing the next task, you find yourself in a whirlpool of dangerous events. The Ascent Group, the largest corporation on the planet, is suddenly shutting down. Security systems fail, competitors seek to seize power, and criminal gangs gain a foothold on the black market.

Stop the invaders and get to the bottom of the causes of what happened!

Responsible for development studio Neon Giant.

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