Why was Riot forced to roll back the latest Valorant update? It was about this bug

Why was Riot forced to roll back the latest Valorant update It was about this bug
Yesterday, a new update should be released to Valorant. Riot had to withdraw it, however.

Patch 1.11 was finally released in several regions. However, it quickly turned out that it contained a serious bug that prevented normal play. Here, for the first time, Riot’s tactic has proven its worth, which assumes that all regions are slowly updating and catching errors when applying patches.

It was finally confirmed that the update was a “technical nightmare” due to a multitude of bugs.

What was happening?

The biggest mistake turned out to be completely randomly displayed character textures, usually Sage. You are playing normally, so that the screen will be obscured by textures in a moment. Needless to say, it made it difficult to play meaningfully.

As we read in the release from the devs, the patch will be released at a later date, probably later in the week. There is no specific date and it is hard to expect that the developers will give it already. As they write themselves, they face a very difficult task.

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