The creators of Among Us reveal very important information about the next map that will appear in the game

The creators of Among Us reveal very important information about the next map that will appear in the game
The fourth map in Among Us will be larger than Polus. This is confirmed by a multitude of reliable sources.

Among Us, despite some hassles of bugs and cheats, it keeps growing. The developers are constantly planning to add new content to the game and offer players a new experience. Currently, we can find four maps in the title – the main one, The Skeld, Mira HQ and the largest of them – Polus. According to numerous sources, the next map is to be even larger than the last one mentioned.

Why is the map size important in Among Us?

Larger maps have a fairly obvious impact on the pace of the game, as the larger it is, the longer it can take for crew members to reach quest locations. In addition, the greater the playing field, the more likely scammers will be able to sneak in, eliminate the user and escape without being noticed by crew members.

Larger maps are more suitable for increasing the number of users in one lobby. While Among Us currently supports a maximum of 10 players per game, this number can be boldly increased in the future. It will be more profitable to play more than one impostor because it will just be harder to catch them.

Among Us, it needs bigger maps more than the smaller ones


Two of the maps currently available in Among Us are quite small. At MIRA HQ, we can often feel claustrophobic due to cramped corridors and small rooms. Additionally, in the case of an already small map, its entire wing is rarely used after the game starts.

The skeld is slightly larger than the MIRA HQ and has no wasted or useless space. Even less used locations, such as a communication room, lie along a corridor with high traffic and are used for several tasks and one sabotage crisis.

On the other hand, Polus is the only map in Among Us where the group can comfortably increase the number of players. Although it also suffers from the fact that much of the map is used less often as the sample room is often ignored or forgotten due to so much isolation from the rest of the map.

Hopefully, once the new location is implemented, there will be an opportunity to increase the number of users in the lobby.

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