Sony plans to sell over 100 million PS5

Sony plans to sell over 100 million PS5

Speaking to media and investors, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki discussed the company’s plans for the PS5. Sony plans to sell 7.6 million PS5s in the first year since launch.

The long-term plan is to surpass the PS4’s excellent sales, which is to sell over 100 million consoles in six years.

Totoki is confident that the launch of the PS5 will take place in the best conditions for Sony. However, according to analysts, achieving the long-term plan depends on competing with the Xbox in the US.

Sony expects to generate $ 6.7 billion in revenue for the current fiscal year. This is higher than analysts predicted. Clearly Sony is betting on the boom in video games amid the pandemic. Japanese analysts believe that it is dangerous to rely only on this – with the departure of the coronavirus, the profit of the Sony gaming division will fall by 15%.

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