New video of virtual pop group K / DA – MORE

New video of virtual pop group K DA - MORE

The premiere of a new video of the virtual pop group K / DA – MORE. This track will appear in the first mini-album.

K / DA includes League of Legends champions Ari, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, and Akali. Various real artists are involved in the recording of the tracks: SOYEON and MIYEON from the K-pop group (G) I-DLE, Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and others.

Ascend to the throne. K / DA is back with MORE! The recording features Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G) I-DLE, Lexi Liu, Jaira Burns and aspiring singer Seraphina.

The mini-album, entitled ALL OUT, will be released on November 6th.

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