Microsoft: Xbox Series X and S are the only consoles with full RDNA 2 features

Microsoft Xbox Series X and S are the only consoles with full RDNA 2 features

Following today’s announcement of AMD GPUs based on RDNA 2 architecture , the Xbox team has posted a new blog post with an interesting fact. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X and S consoles will be the only ones to support the full range of RDNA 2 features.

Xbox Series X | S are the only next-generation consoles to fully support all of AMD’s RDNA 2 features.

AMD’s new architecture dramatically improves performance and efficiency over the past. In addition, it adds hardware acceleration, including ray tracing, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback, and Variable Rate Shading …

What are these technologies: 

  • Ray tracing is a technology already familiar to all gamers that allows you to achieve a believable picture
  • Mesh Shaders – Allows you to manipulate geometry in real time to achieve high quality and flexibility in design
  • Sampler Feedback – Increases memory efficiency by up to 2.5x
  • Variable Rate Shading – allows you to concentrate GPU resources in areas of the frame without reducing the quality of the overall image (increases the frequency in games)

This all sounds like confirmation of past rumors that the PS5 is using a different version of AMD’s architecture, even if it is very close to RDNA 2. Earlier, a Sony engineer made a statement about this:

RDNA 2 is a commercial term that allows you to clearly divide the market, otherwise GPUs will come out with completely different classifications, so that it will be difficult for the average user to choose.

For example, ray tracing support is not available on AMD graphics chips available today … At the same time, the PS5 graphics chip is unique and cannot be classified as RDNA 1, 2, 3 or 4.

It is based on RDNA 2, but includes more features and, I think, one less.

Ultimately, don’t expect next-gen games to be dramatically different on Microsoft and Sony consoles.

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