How to unlock a new, free Fortnite backpack? A challenge that anyone can complete

How to unlock a new, free Fortnite backpack A challenge that anyone can complete
Every Fortnite player has been given a chance to get a free backpack.

If you haven’t played Fortnite for a few days due to the recently added shadows, it’s worth coming back even for a moment to pick up your backpack. This is not another item in the series “get in the game and that’s it”. This time there is a task that must be completed.

This is one of the challenges prepared for Halloween. It is not difficult if you know how to make them.

How to get a free backpack?

The “Bobo” Backpack is obtained by completing the following challenge:

Consume legendary loot as a Shadow

How to do it quickly? You don’t even have to try too hard.

  • Land somewhere with a lot of fishing rods
  • Start fishing until you catch a legendary fish or a weapon
  • When you find a Legendary item, leave it on the ground in a 1v1 boxed box
  • Gather materials, build a ramp, and eliminate yourself
  • Return to your box and pick up a legendary item
  • If you did everything right, appropriate information will appear in the upper left corner
challenge fortnite

When you log in again or just exit the game, you will see the new backpack in your inventory. It is worth mentioning that this time the challenges are time-limited. When you enter the game in a month, you will no longer be able to get a backpack for free.

free Fortnite backpack A challenge that anyone can complete

Will it be a unique item? It is possible so. So far, there is no information about its appearance in the store.

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