Epic criticized for its response to “dead game”

Epic criticized for its response to dead game
Epic today publishing a photo from the store decided to make a joke. The players apparently didn’t like such jokes.

According to many, Epic is now a shadow of itself. Fortnite in 2018 seemed to be a better and more interesting game than in 2020, in which theoretically it should be much better – new cosmetic items, new spots, thoughtful weapons etc.

Meanwhile, the same “dead game” comments appear under every Epic Games Twitter entry.

Epic responds

Today the studio decided to make a joke. By publishing the graphic with the shop, the text “undead game” was added. For the first time, developers in any way responded to hundreds of thousands of comments “dead game”.

As was to be expected, this caused a huge uproar in the community. For comparison of other information with stores:

400-700 comments, 300-800 “retweets” and about 10-15 thousand likes. The entry with the undead game has 4,000 comments, 2,600 passes and 50,000 likes.

However, the comments are quite critical. The most popular ones speak of Fortnite’s stagnation, no big changes, and Epic falling out of the rhythm that was sustained in 2018-2019. Is it really so? Looking at the popularity charts, Fortnite has obviously lost ground, but is still in the lead with League of Legends, Among Us, and Call of Duty.

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