Another villain from Spider-Man: Miles Morales declassified

Another villain from Spider-Man Miles Morales declassified

Yesterday, a user under the nickname Thee_LBG posted a photo of the artist preparing a drawing on the wall for the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. On the unfinished painting, you can see an unannounced villain.

Further, there may be spoilers for the game

Visually, the drawing is divided into two parts – to the left of the Spider-Man sign are family, friends and Miles himself, to the right is his superhero version, the Roxon employees and villains. In addition to Rhino and Tinkerer, users noticed a character with the Vagrant logo on his chest.

The cover of The Amazing Spider-Man was later posted on the official Marvel account, which also featured the Tramp. In the comics, this personality is used by Aaron Davis – the hero’s uncle and a talented thief.

The cover of The Amazing Spider-Man

It remains to wait for the official confirmation of Insomniac Games. The drawing itself will not be completed until October 30th. The release of the game is scheduled for November 12 or 19, depending on the region. The title will be exclusive to PS5 and PS4.

Meanwhile, the ESRB rating agency  rated Spider-Man: Miles Morales at a T (Teen) rating. The description says that there is blood splatter, opponents use weapons, and the words shit and asshole appear in the dialogues.

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