Who is “terrifying” character appearing in Fortnite. Secret challenges and more

Who is terrifying character appearing in Fortnite. Secret challenges and more
Some Fortnite players encounter a mysterious figure on their way.

Not only did Halloween bring shadows, new items, and a new broom vehicle to the game, it also added a strange character that some players show up. Information about this quickly spread around the Internet and it turned out that someone was actually haunting Fortnite.

Today we know that this is probably an unreleased “Madcap” skin with upcoming secret challenges.

Madcap in Fortnite

It all started with videos featuring the black character directly in the game:

Madcap in Fortnite

Everyone wondered who it was and why you can see it only in the form of a shadow and only on Android systems. Many people have suggested that this is a fake, but today we can confirm that Madcap is indeed visible in the game.

Who is Madcap? This is one of the skins that has been in files for a long time.

Madcap in Fortnite

Why has the skin been added to the game now? There is no clear answer to this question. It’s possible that Epic has more to do than just hit the store. At least that’s what the sounds found by leakers suggest.

All in all, there is a black Madcap texture in the game. The appearance of the characters is likely due to a bug. Skin related sounds intended for some challenge have been introduced to files.

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