What does the new CSGO update change? 8MB hardly anyone will notice

What does the new CSGO update change 8MB hardly anyone will notice
There is a new update to CS: GO, but it’s definitely not a patch filled with new stuff.

Valve has been updating Global Offensive very frequently recently, but these are very small updates, usually weighing several or a dozen MB. Again, this may suggest a code cleanup rather than adding new files.

The new update rolled out tonight. In total, the patch weighs just under 9MB, which already suggests why it was added.

What’s changed?

The update improved the issues related to the display of text, more specifically – replaced a few lines of text to fit better. What do the players say? It is evident that they are fed up with stagnation and want real updates that will not be just bugfixes.

It’s hard to say what Valve is planning. On the one hand, it is said that such small patches have hidden tasks, on the other – hardly anyone believes it anymore.

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