The horrors of a huge mansion in the Visage horror trailer

The horrors of a huge mansion in the Visage horror trailer

SadSquare Studio has presented a new trailer for the horror Visage . The video presents a huge old mansion, in which frightening and paranormal events take place. Players will become the only living creature in this house and reveal its secrets.

Players will have to wander through the corridors and rooms of the mansion, in which terrible events once took place. There will be many locations to explore, leading to frightening memories and ghosts of those who lived in this place.


Explore a mysterious, ever-changing mansion in an atmospheric gaming world where time passes slowly and incredibly cozy interiors are replaced by monstrously realistic scenes that inspire genuine horror.

Visage has been available in Early Access for a while now. The full release will take place on October 30 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. On Steam, the game has 87% positive reviews.

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