Skins in Halo Infinite can be obtained by completing tasks

Skins in Halo Infinite can be obtained by completing tasks

Last week 343 Industries talked about the coating system at  Halo Infinite . It will allow players to change the color of weapons, armor, and vehicles to their liking. The players suggested that this can only be done by purchasing the corresponding content in the in-game store.

The studio’s community manager, John Yunishek, has allayed these concerns. According to him, skins can not only be purchased, but also obtained through the gameplay, completing various tasks.

They can also be earned as special rewards.

Yunyshek explained why the developers abandoned the option when players themselves can change the color of armor, weapons and vehicles – instead there will be ready-made sets. The community manager is confident that this way the studio can create more options.

According to him, players will have no problem with uniqueness.

In July, the developers of Halo Infinite said that the game will not have loot boxes, and the multiplayer will become shareware. At the same time, the online component may come out separately from the single player campaign, but such a decision has not yet been made.

The Halo Infinite release has been pushed back to 2021. The shooter will be released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg previously announced that the game will be better for release and will be a “graphical reference” for Series X.

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