Samsung wants to build a 10Kppi VR display

Samsung wants to build a 10Kppi VR display

Samsung and Stanford University revealed their plans to develop a display for VR devices. According to the Korean manufacturer, this display will receive a resolution of 10 thousand pixels per inch (ppi).

For example, HTC Vive Pro has 615 ppi.

Samsung wants to build a 10Kppi VR display

We took advantage of the fact that, at the nano level, light can bend around objects like water. The field of nanophotonics is throwing new surprises at us, and now we have found a way to influence real technologies. These developments have proven themselves well in solar panel cells and will now find their way into next-generation displays.

The technology uses films to emit white light between reflective layers. One layer is made of silver and the other is made of reflective metal with ultra-thin nano-shirring. This provides a much higher pixel density.

This is similar to how sounds resonate in the bodies of musical instruments, but remain individually distinguishable.

With 10,000 PPI, VR device owners would not see the so-called “screen door” effect, in which the gap between pixels is noticeable. It is not known when the production of such displays will start.

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