CW shows first footage of black Batwoman with Afro

CW shows first footage of black Batwoman with Afro

When you imagine a character like Batman or Superman, it doesn’t occur to you that the characters will grow hair and wear it over the mask. Not only can long and lush hair get into the eyes or limit the field of view, but the enemy can also grab onto them and surprise them unpleasantly. Naturally, this does not stop some heroes. But when it comes to heroines who challenge danger, directors, dressers and showrunners usually keep their hair long and rarely use masks that completely cover the hair. This has an aesthetic meaning, although it looks absurd.

And there are cases like the new Batwoman from the CW. Sidab continues his good tradition and does what he wants. Including everyone tries to focus on the skin color of some characters. In the case of a new second season, where the original Ruby Rose in the red wig will no longer be, the role of Batwoman was given to actress Javisia Leslie.

Batwoman afro

A new costume was created for the second season, as well as a new wig. And in the new Hollywoodreporter material  his presence was specifically highlighted. Because the wig is made in afro style. In her official comment on the role, Javisia said:

I love that Ryan [new character name] becomes his version of Batwoman. This is her style, her manner, her moment! I think it was important that the audience could see from the silhouette that Batwoman is a black girl. With a tight-fitting suit and a beautiful Afro, we made a great look!

Showrunners and Leslie herself make a big bet on the appearance of the black Batwoman. According to the actress, this is important for her people and all black girls who can see this image as an example to follow.


This ideal sounds quite noble and can have a positive impact, but such an emphasis on the color of the character’s skin can go sideways. When showrunners and screenwriters focus on traits or sexuality rather than a character, the result is a boring, 2D protagonist that the viewer quickly loses association with. Skin color, hairstyle or orientation should not become the main feature, otherwise the personality behind them loses value.

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