CS GO players from Cloud9 invited unauthorized persons home and … were expelled from the team

CS GO players from Cloud9 invited unauthorized persons home and
A discipline problem in the Cloud9 squad caused staffing problems for the team.

The current situation in the world forces people a lot of concessions and restrictions. At the present time, everyone should follow the rules and try to reduce the amount of risky behavior that can threaten others.

Unfortunately, not everyone smiles about obedience to social constraints and a great example of this are the Cloud9 players who had some discipline problems. The whole situation resulted in their expulsion from the American organization.

What was the fault of the players expelled from Cloud9?

On October 24, a case came to light that resulted in the expulsion of several players from the ranks of Cloud9. Sources claim that unauthorized guests have been invited to the team’s mansion, causing a contract breach of this nature for the second time.

In response to a request for comment from Rush B Media, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne said:

The significant details are that this was the second offense related to the entry of unauthorized guests into the Cloud9 facility after we had said that such situations were unacceptable. This is unacceptable as it puts our employees at risk.

The news was confirmed by Twitter, and the US organization passed on comments from all the dismissed people claiming they were now free agents.

It’s worth noting that Joshua “oSee” Ohm remains part of Cloud9. He does not live in the band’s house, so he kept his seat and was not held responsible for unauthorized interactions with unknown visitors.

The whole situation shows that Cloud9 is really serious about the world situation and is doing everything to not unnecessarily endanger its staff … although according to some opinions it could only be a way to break contracts.

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