Creative Assembly developed Alien: Isolation prototype in secret from Sega

Creative Assembly developed Alien Isolation prototype in secret from Sega

A 20-minute video was posted on the Noclip channel about the history of the creation of Alien: Isolation . Despite the success of the game, SEGA was initially opposed to developing another title based on the Alien franchise.

Developers from Creative Assembly said that in 2014 they wanted to expand their own portfolio with a new genre project. At that time, the team was mainly engaged in strategies, mainly in the Total War series.

The developers came to the conclusion that this project should be a game about an Alien. The team prepared the material and showed it to SEGA, which owns Creative Assembly. To their surprise, the company was against it.

We sent out a five-page document describing what an alien survival horror game should look like, but SEGA replied, “We will never make another Alien franchise game.

At that moment, one could understand SEGA, since the publisher had released the shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines a year earlier. The game was dubbed one of the worst in the series. However, Creative Assembly did not give up.

The developers began to secretly work out the concept of the project, preparing a demo version of the game for presentation on the Viking: Battle for Asgard 2008 engine. The team tried to convey the atmosphere of the very first film.

Only after that SEGA management liked the idea and the project was given the green light. The release of  Alien: Isolation  took place in October 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game was released on Switch in 2019.

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