Bug in Among Us that ruins the game. The impostor becomes invisible

Bug in Among Us that ruins the game. The impostor becomes invisible
Among Us suffers from several bugs. Some of them are even fun and harmless, but there are some that can ruin your entertainment.

Many of the glitch in Among Us that appeared were relatively harmless. A great example of this is the ability to get your pet to walk on the inside of walls.

This is something that has little impact on gameplay but is fun for the gaming community. Despite this, the game also has problems that can spoil the fun of users, such as a glitch related to the impostor’s invisibility.

What is the error?

The Impostor’s Invisibility Glitch allows you to bypass the Emergency Hangout voting and make the ship invisible to everyone. Later, we become completely invisible to other players until the elimination of another character. Its operation can be seen in the following video material:

In order to activate the glitch in the public lobby, the impostor must enter the ventilation duct when an emergency meeting is called or the body is found.

This, of course, has endless ramifications for the fairness of the game, essentially allowing cheaters to pick lone crew members without a chance for them to avoid it. While it can be a lot of fun for anyone lucky enough to become an impostor, it’s certainly not all that fun for crew members.

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