Apex Legends Season 7 introduces the new Horizon Legend and Olympus Map. What you need to know

Apex Legends Season 7 introduces the new Horizon Legend and Olympus Map. What you need to know
Tales from the Outback – A promise and information about changes and news for the 7th season.

With the start of the new month, Apex Legends will soon come to another season. This is due, among other things, to the fact that classically players will get to know the new Legend.

Another movie called Outback Tales has appeared on the official YouTube channel, where you can watch the upcoming character – Horizon, and on the production website you can find news about Apex Legends hit on Steam or Nintendo Switch and about rewards for the current ranking season.

What can players expect?

In the message sent by the developers, you could read about the news that will come to the game with season 7.

Respawn has announced that Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension begins November 4! The first official announcement concerns the upcoming season – a new Legend called Horizon and the third map – Olympus. There will also be new Tales of the Outback, giving Apex Legends fans a look at Mount Olympus, the City in the Clouds, as well as learning more about Horizon’s journey to the arena and how it intends to leave it in one piece.

When Olimp falls into an energy crisis, Horizon and her robotic companion, N.E.W.T., embark on a long journey in search of the crystals that can save her home planet. Horizon goes into the unknown, comforted only by the prospect of saving her family and home. With a betrayal that brutally prevents a happy ending on her journey, Horizon, lost in time, returns home and fights to return to her son.

With Season 7. Ascension, Horizon arrives in the Outback, and with it the next arena in Apex Legends, Olympus. For more details on what’s coming in Season 7 – Ascension, please visit the official Apex Legends website.

Ranked matches in the Apex Legends arena

The creators shared the statistics on the ranked games and informed about a new map that will go to the pool – Olympia. Initially, it will replace the King’s Canyon, which is expected to return at a later date.

How will the prizes look like?


At the beginning of the year, there were announcements of the game’s appearance on Steam. With the release of Season 7, the developers shed a bit more light on the situation.

For PC gamers, Apex Legends will officially hit Steam after Season 7 launches on November 4, 2020. If you’re a Steam player and are a new Apex Legends player, we can’t wait to welcome you on board. If you already own the game on Origin, feel free to try it out on Steam – all your account progress and earned rewards will carry over from one platform to another.

Respawn has also revealed that Nintendo Switch players will be able to play Apex Legends next year.

Second, when it comes to Nintendo Switch players – we’re still working hard on the port, but to do justice to the game and present the product that Nintendo Switch players deserve, our team needs a bit more time. This year has presented us with new, unexpected challenges (to put it mildly). We don’t want to rush things.

Switch owners can expect the game to be available to them next year. Of course, when Apex Legends arrives on Switch, it will have cross-platform support, the latest seasonal content, and full feature compatibility with other versions of the game.

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