A new map has been added to mobile CSGO. What does Mirage look like and what is it all about?

A new map has been added to mobile CSGO. What does Mirage look like and what is it all about
Mobile Counter-Strike is constantly evolving. The author added a new map and some other changes.

One of the members of the Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive decided to create a mobile version of the game. The project is constantly being developed by the author, resulting in a new map – Mirage.

The location reproduces the original in almost all details and looks really good for a low-budget mobile game. Apparently, the creator puts a lot of effort into making the community not dissatisfied and feel like on the computer version.

What does the new map look like and where can I download the game?

In the material below you can see how the game and Mirage itself looks like. It reflects the PC version quite well, for example in terms of map construction and weapon models. It also has all the functions known from Valve’s production and can be easily used on a smartphone.

Downloading a game is not a difficult process, and the following material can help. The game should not take more than 275 MB, at least in its current state, which should not be a problem for the amount of space on our phone.

This is a very interesting alternative for CSGO fans who need to fill their time during school, work or travel, or simply when it is not possible to start the game on PC. Of course, many elements should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the project is still developing and it will probably only look better over time, so it’s worth following the updates and news added by the developer.

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